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Templates are available for different BI platforms and can be integrated with existing or new Tableau, PowerBI and Datorama (and more) projects. Workflow templates can be used with Alteryx and Tableau Prep and codes are available to tackle complex data visualizations.

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Explore our repository of ready-to-activate data visualization templates on different BI tools. Download them and connect them to your data to hit the ground running. Our dashboard templates are pre-built to display actionable insights to drive business decisions.

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It can be a place where you can earn as well. Original, creative widgets with 100 or more downloads get to earn. Reproduced/replicated widgets uploaded with credits and with 1000 or more downloads get to earn. Start uploading.

Download any template in the market place and connect them to your data.
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Why Choose Us

Our clients have been choosing Makaw for a number of reasons including reliability, latest technologies, and constant updates & support. Read more about other advantages below.

Time saving

Save time by using pre-built widgets, templates and scripts to power your BI dashboard.

Efficient Support

If you can’t find what your looking for in our repository, contact our team to make a request and we will help you out.

Great usability

Makaw’s interface is extremely user friendly and allow users to quickly download content and plug it in directly to their existing BI set up.

A Few Words About Us

Makaw is a marketplace that helps analysts and other users gain access to an abundance of BI content for their use. You can find out more about who we are and what we do below.

Here at Makaw, our aim is to provide our users with a library of widgets, templates and scripts that can widely be used across BI platforms. This repository hopes to create a marketplace to help BI analysts save time with complex visualizations that are not built-in to the current tools. Users can sign up to Makaw and get immediate access to a wide library of content and upload their own for others to see.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Makaw a free website?

Yes, you can sign up for free on Makaw and get access to the entire repository of BI content.

What are the pre-requisites to upload my product on Makaw?

Your product has to be original. You have to upload it with the necessary files (packaged workbooks, scripts etc.) For your product to get more downloads and reviews, clarity is important. Make sure it is easy for users to understand the steps to implement it themselves.

Is there a limit on the number of free downloads?

Not at all, users are allowed unlimited downloading of content on Makaw.

When do I start earning for content that I upload?

If your uploaded content is original and has got more than 10 downloads on Makaw, you’ll be eligible to earn.

I have purchased content on Makaw and lost it. Do I have to repurchase it again?

No, once you have purchased a widget or template, it will be under ‘My Purchases’ in your account. You can download it as many times as you want after purchase.

Can I post content that is similar to content posted by someone else?

Ofcourse, if your product is similar but has a different value added feature, you can go ahead and upload it anyway. Our aim is for you to help other users with creative BI solutions.

How can I delete a product that I have uploaded to the Makaw gallery?

You cannot delete a product once uploaded unless you send our support team a request. You can always go to the “My Products” page and edit your content.